About Crossroads Innovation Group (XIG)

Crossroads Innovation Group, LLC. (XIG) brings unique experience and a robust network to best position organizations, companies and collaborative partnerships with best-of-breed technology companies, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions and public sector entities.

Based in Virginia, XIG supports organizations pursing emerging technology deployment to accelerate innovation, commercialization, and adoption of innovative emerging technologies in enhancing regional economic development and regional workforce training and professionalization.

To realize the benefits of emerging technologies, organizations, communities and cities will need to build relationships with technology providers, identify value-added applications and best-practices while responding to emerging regulations, security requirements and standards – and importantly, build a workforce that is capable of understanding and managing in a rapidly changing technology environment.

Leveraging its experience and network, XIG helps its clients develop solution architectures, identify technology requirements, connects clients with potential providers and companies that provide the needed professional services to support technology deployment in a responsible and secure fashion.

IoT Security: Zero-Trust at the Edge

In the emerging landscape of distributed, diverse, and smart connected devices – the– the cybersecurity challenges we face are an order of magnitude greater and more complex than that facing traditional IT or more established operational technology (OT) environments. Indeed, the deployments of IoT in industrial and other settings where smart connected devices are integrated into both legacy OT and IT systems opens those systems to new vulnerabilities.

XIG and its partner Device Authority provide security solutions and recommendations for secure deployment of distributed connected devices for companies and communities deploying “smart” systems, including public utilities and entities providing essential services (energy, gas, water/sewage, emergency services), industry (including both technology providers and technology consumers), as well as academic and other organizations that are the sources of innovation in technology and uses.

As emerging IoT ecosystems of diverse and interconnected distributed devices leverage the data from and interactions between devices to develop enhanced AI and ML capabilities. Securing these environments through “trust federations” will require enabling platforms that establish trust domains without limiting the potential benefits of IoT systems or the scope of securable use-cases.

Available through XIG, the Device Authority KeyScaler Platform is able to manage device identity, credentials, and policies; support hybrid use-cases (where cloud and “edge” are both involved) and where Zero Trust Architectural requirements and secure network communications protocols are fully supported

Talent and Certification Management: Personalized training and education

In partnership with AcademyOne, XIG has developed a talent management platform that leverages best of breed solutions to identify, assess and document the experience, knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) of individual learners in relation to occupational roles, build a personalized learning pathway and utilizing a “market-based” approach, connects learners to available online and face-to-face educational, training and certification opportunities.

Uniquely, the KSA Marketplace Platform provides a student-owned student record that for organizations provides comprehensive insights into their workforce capabilities and potential skills gaps. When integrated with human capital management solutions, the platform allows organizations to quickly identify and respond to emerging training needs.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced search and analytics and leveraging publicly available data on academic and commercial training course, the platform allows individuals to assess their competencies in relation to desired occupational roles, develop a personal learning pathway, register and pay for courses and certifications, authentically store completed course work and training in a digital portfolio. With academic partner support, all certified learning can be represented in the form of an academic transcript and presented as evidence towards an academic degree.



Companies and organizations interested in partnerships should contact Khalil Yazdi (khalil@crossroadsinnovationgroup.com).